About Me

I'm an actor and software engineer living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently work at Airbnb where we're doing some really cool stuff. Aside from that, I'm super passionate about the craft of acting and always strive to achieve a level of truth in my work which reflects that passion. Seriously, though, I actually give a shit. I'm not just saying that to sound professional.

I recently completed two years of intensive training in the Meisner Technique under Jim Jarrett and Melissa Thompson Esaia at The Meisner Technique Studio. Name dropping aside, I hope that my work will speak for itself.

In addition to acting, I'm also somewhat experienced and very interested in all aspects of the filmmaking process. If you're interested in collaborating on an independent project, I'm totally open to being contacted and encourage you to reach out!


Contact Solomon

I used to have a contact form on this website, but I've now come to the realization that it's useless and results in a bunch of people e-mailing me to tell me that my website SEO is suboptimal. In seriousness, though, if you're interested in contacting me, feel free to reach out to one of my social media accounts. To find them, just click the links at the top of this page. Alternatively, just Google my name - I'm the only Solomon Astley in existence! So far, at least.